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Are Tyres Assist beyond comparison?

Tyres Assist online prices are not available on price comparison websites; find out more below about why we choose to do business direct.

Here’s the deal
It’s something of a myth that tyre price comparison websites can instantly find you all the best tyre prices available. At Tyres Assist we will not pay to appear on these websites, which helps us keep our costs down and ensures you get our best deal if you visit our website directly. For those of you with more than one car, we’ve introduced a new Multi Car price which you won’t find on price comparison websites and can offer you our multi tyre discounts across several vehicles. Eg: If you need 2 tyres on one car, one on another and one on another you will be able to access our 4 tyre price saving you money across all the tyres required just call us directly on 0161 764 55 11.

Building a personal relationship by dealing direct
We know price is important, but as an independent tyre dealer, we believe that dealing with you direct allows us to offer tyres and tyre services more tailored to your individual needs. Our recommendations are designed with you in mind and based on our aim to make your life easier and ensure you have peace of mind. We’re also able to give you our advice and expertise directly if you call us or utilise our online live chat capability. When it comes to tyres, we’re committed to providing honest and frank tyre advice, to reassure you we’re right here when you might need us most.


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