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Nitrogen Inflation

Nitrongen InflationQ. Is Nitrogen the answer to improved fuel economy and reduced tyre wear?

A. We think so……


Unless you are the sort of person who checks their tyre pressure before every journey, the pressure in your tyres are probably incorrect.

The reason for this is twofold.


1. The oxygen component of the air in your tyres has a much smaller molecule size and will over-time escape through the sidewall of your tyre.

2. Compressed air has a tendency to expand or contract when its temperature changes, e.g. if your tyres are set at 31psi on a cold day with cold tyres – this pressure can increase dramatically when the ambient temperature and the tyre temperature rises whilst driving.


What does having the wrong tyre pressure by a few PSI mean in the real world?


1. Low tyre pressure creates more resistance to movement, meaning your engine has to work harder to move your car – which uses more fuel, costing you more money.

2. Low or High tyre pressures affect the contact of your tyre with the road which creates uneven wear and reduced tyre life.


3. Both of the above issues also increase the temperature of the tyre due to increased friction which only serves to exaggerate the problem.


Filling your tyres with Nitrogen helps to keep your tyre pressures correct for longer, which increases your fuel efficiency, reduces CO2 emissions and extends the legal life of the tread on your tyre.


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